Pentair EC-620425 MICROBRITE COLOR 100’EC


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Elevate your pool or spa experience with the Pentair EC-620425 MICROBRITE .   Not only does it illuminate your pool or spa beautifully, but it also does so efficiently, using up to 50% less energy than similar lights from other brands.

The MICROBRITE is designed with an exceptional reflector system, ensuring a wide and even distribution of light. This design enhances both the intensity and the spectrum of colors, creating an inviting and vibrant ambiance while reducing glare.

Seamlessly integrate the MICROBRITE with Pentair’s Intellitouch or Easytouch control systems. These systems allow you to manage your pool and spa equipment effortlessly, including the MICROBRITE, from one central system that also manages other pool features.

Installation is a breeze with no assembly required, making it an ideal choice for hassle-free enhancement of your pool or spa area.