Pentair IC40 EC-520555 (Salt Chlorinator) CELL INTELLICHLOR


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Discover the convenience of modern pool maintenance with the Pentair 520555 Salt Chlorinator. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, this system offers clear displays for quick monitoring of essential metrics like salt concentration, cell condition, sanitizer levels, and water flow.

Making adjustments to this system is straightforward and user-friendly, requiring just a few button presses. It provides comprehensive performance data including settings for production, operational hours, chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles, and salt levels.

An innovative cell usage tracking feature is included, providing real-time updates on the remaining lifespan of the cell. This feature helps in planning maintenance and replacements without guesswork.

Note: that this chlorinator requires the 520556 Intellichlor Power Center, which is available separately.

For added durability, it comes with an automatic shut-off function that activates in low water temperature conditions, safeguarding the unit and extending the cell’s lifespan.

The Pentair 520555 is also compatible with Pentair Compool to EasyTouch Upgrade automation systems, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your existing pool setup.